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Working Papers and Papers Under Review

The Capitalization of Incomplete Property Rights to the Groundwater Commons with Nathan Hendricks and Gabe Sampson (revisions requested at American Journal of Agricultural Economics).

Dynamic Pricing Framework for Water Demand Management Using Advanced Metering Infrastructure Data with Faisal M. Alghamdi and Emily Z. Berglund (revisions requested at Water Resources Research).

Left in the Dust: Pecuniary and Environmental Externalities in Water Markets, with Sherzod Akhundjanov, Muyang Ge, and Reza Oladi (under review).

The Effect of Government Ownership on Oil and Gas Drilling and Production with Trevor O'Grady and David Jenkins (under review).

CEnREP Working Paper No. 19-017

The Shadow of Hetch Hetchy: The National Park Service and the Bureaucracy of Preservation, with Sara Sutherland (manuscript In preparation).

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